Phase 2: how will habits change in Ticino? The results of the IRE survey


Institutional Communication Service

11 May 2020

The Swiss federal government has decided that May 11 is the date for the reopening of public bars and restaurants. The USI Institute for Economic Research (IRE Faculty of Economics) explores the reaction of customers to this second phase which concerns also Ticino, by publishing the results of a survey on the population to indentify the new consumer behaviours.

When and under what conditions will patrons start again to enjoy their evening "apéro"? What are the reasons that could discourage people to go out and get their drinks? Before officially entering phase 2 of this health emergency, the USI Institute for Economic Research asked the population of Ticino a number of questions, to understand how consumption behaviour in public establishments has changed since the Covid-19 outbreak and how it could change in the future. The survey was performed in collaboration with the daily news outlet Tio/20 minuti, and counted over 4000 respondents.

"The results of the survey show that people are extremely cautious about the reopening of bars and restaurants. In fact, most of the respondents expect a much lower frequentation compared to the pre-Covid period", explains Riccardo Curtale, IRE Researcher and co-author of the study. According to the data collected, the return to consumption in public establishments would thus be gradual, with preference being given to venues that observe the social distance between tables and adopt safety measures, such as the use of gloves and masks by staff. Alternative solutions, such as the use of plexiglass or changes in table service methods, are generally not the preferred ones, as is the collection of tracking data or financial contributions for the extra expenses that the establishments have to incur to reinforce the various hygiene and safety measures.


The full report is available, in Italian, here: