"Ticino a te", bringing local produce closer to you also thanks to USI


Institutional Communication Service

21 July 2020

The Osservatorio dello sviluppo territoriale (OST) (Observatory of Territorial Development), based at USI Academy of Architecture, has developed, in collaboration with Centro di Competenze Agroalimentari Ticino (CCAT), an interactive map thanks to which residents, tourists and those involved in the catering industry can quickly identify nearby local producers of the "Ticino a te" agri-food network. The tools and skills developed in the field of academic research are made available to the community to promote the approximately 200 producers of the system and their local produce. The free map is part of a non-profit project and is available at www.arc.usi.ch/ticino-a-te.

"The OST has been keeping up with the latest geospatial observation techniques, and at the beginning of 2020 we planned to deepen our knowledge on a particular tool for the creation of web-based and accessible maps", explains Gian Paolo Torricelli, head of the Observatory and coordinator of the project. "while the COVID-19 pandemic was spreading and restrictions were being applied, together with the collaborators Giulia Buob, Sara Ponzio and Loris Vallenari we understood that we could use this tool to help the population become more acquainted with the local agri-food production".

The project was submitted to the attention of the Centro di Competenze Agroalimentari Ticino (CCAT), which welcomed it with enthusiasm. "We are committed to promoting the production and consumption of Ticino's local produce. With the help of various stakeholders in the agri-food chain and closely related sectors such as tourism, food and wine, hotel and distribution, we created in 2018 the 'Ticino a te' agri-food network and the related platform, ticinoate.ch, to make it easier for consumers (residents and tourists), private catering companies and restaurants, to find local produce. The map prepared by USI, thanks to the work of the OST, fits perfectly into this framework, and it adds value to the tools available to pursue our mission. We are thrilled to be able to benefit from the University's expertise", says Sibilla Quadri, Director of the CCAT.

The map www.arc.usi.ch/ticino-a-te is available in both Italian and German. It is public and free. It has been designed as an information tool for the general public and non-profit professionals, in support of the local producers of the "Ticino a te" network.


For more information on the web map
of local producers in Ticino:

Observatory of territorial development (OST), USI
[email protected], tel 079 320 74 46 / 058 666 5961

Centre of Agricultural and Food Competence (CCAT)
Sibilla Quadri, [email protected], tel 079 120 91 27