"The bond that unites our entire university community perhaps has never been as important as it is today"


Institutional Communication Service

17 July 2020

A message from the Rector Boas Erez to the Alumnae and Alumni community.


Dear Alumnae, Dear Alumni,

in this period which remains extraordinary and full of uncertainties, I am writing to you with an appeal on behalf of our students. Many families, in many countries, are suffering the economic and social consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic: talented students are at risk, for financial reasons, to not be able to continue or even start their studies at our University – their way to the future. In order to avoid as much as possible this serious indirect consequence of the pandemic, which is affecting your future "fellow graduates" and their relative prospects, our academic community has moved to create a solidarity fund, to which professors, staff members, foundations, companies and supporters of the University have contributed and are helping to develop.


The Solidarity Scholarships

The fund will provide current or future Bachelor’s and Master's degree students with the possibility to obtain solidarity scholarships, with which to cover their semester tuition fees and – in some cases – to receive support. The scholarships will be awarded with greater consideration of economic criteria and, in order to ensure full transparency, they will be awarded by an Honorary Committee formed mostly by non-USI members, representatives of the authorities, entrepreneurial and social aid sectors.


How to contribute

This is a difficult time for many and even some of you may face difficulties or uncertainties. I would also appeal in any case to your generosity, dear graduates: those of you who are in a position to contribute to the solidarity fund can now do so with the crowdfunding campaign we have set up at

This crowdfunding, which we have just launched, aims to give a final "boost" to the fundraising, with the goal of covering at least one more scholarship.

I like to think that our University is personal, unexpected and “elsewhere”. Personal in its ability to value and give voice to lasting relationships. Unexpected as the challenges it faces, with surprising generosity. “Elsewhere” as a community of alumnae and alumni who work and live in dozens of different countries, yet all with a bond to our University. A bond that unites our entire university community, and which perhaps has never been as important as it is today.

I thank you in advance for your support and extend my warmest regards.
Boas EREZ, Rector