Faces and stories of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences: Salvatore Galati

PD Dr. med. Salvatore Galati
PD Dr. med. Salvatore Galati

Institutional Communication Service

17 August 2020

Professors, lecturers and researchers of the Faculty of Biomedical Sciences bring with them a wealth of valuable academic and research experience. They are ready to share it with the students of USI Master in Human Medicine who are getting ready to join our community on the East campus in a few days. In this context, we introduce Salvatore Galati, MD and researcher, Chief Physician at Neurocentro della Svizzera italiana and private lecturer at USI.

PD Dr Med. Salvatore Galati is a clinical neurologist expert in movement disorders and also a basic researcher. He has carried out his academic and research training at the University of Rome "Tor Vergata" and at Neurocentro della Svizzera italiana (NSI), also carrying out research and teaching assignments at the universities of London and Toronto to complete his training.

For many young people, the university is where they can fulfil their intellectual curiosity. A place where they can ask fundamental questions, the answers to which often lead them to discover new frontiers. The same goes for Dr Galati, who, from his experience as a student, also recalls how "the university helps building lasting human and professional relationships. Even today, after about 25 years, I have the privilege of sharing clinical experiences with colleagues from around the world whom I met during my university studies".

The students who are about to start their Masters in medicine at USI will discover, starting from the fourth semester, the fascinating world of neurology, which is the discipline in which Dr. Galati specializes. "Since the first years of study, I have been particularly fascinated by the functional anatomy of the nervous system, which has allowed me to investigate the interactions between man and the environment. The opportunity to attend an electrophysiological research laboratory on basal ganglia, the structures involved in movement disorders, could consolidate my passion that would later turn to clinical neurology".

Neurology and the study of the nervous system treat, among others, top diseases such as Parkinson's. Salvatore Galati has been treating Parkinson's patients for about 17 years. "Over the years as a basic researcher, I have been able to record significant improvements in the management and treatment of Parkinson's disease which have resulted in a better quality of life for patients and their caregivers. I have seen a consolidation of what were initially only hypotheses, such as those related to sleep disorders in Parkinson's disease. This early evidence over time offered me a new key to understanding the possible relationships between sleep and some aspects of the disease such as involuntary movements which are typical in an advanced phase".

Addressing the students from Switzerland who will soon settle in the Italian-speaking region to carry out their studies, Salvatore Galati describes how "living in Ticino is like living on an island surrounded by its beauty. The variety of landscapes that alternate between the lake and the mountains offers nature lovers the possibility to engage in many sports. It is also possible to experience city life without the inconveniences brought by living in large cities. My favourite location is Capriasca: surrounded by nature and close to Lugano".