Talking about sustainability over tea

Talking about sustainability over tea
Talking about sustainability over tea

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22 September 2020

Sustainability also depends on individual responsibility. It is, therefore, necessary to think about how the individual can act to protect the environment, becoming a key player in the sustainable revolution. In Cadro, at L'ideatorio USI, three encounters will be held to foster such reflection. The series of encounters stems from the collaboration between USI L'ideatorio and the Consumers Association of Southern Switzerland (ACSI). Dubbed "Tè della sostenibilità" (Tea of sustainibility), the conferences (held in Italian) will allow the public to meet with experts informally. Tea and cookies will also be served.


Where do I throw plastic?

Plastic is an essential material for our society. It is found in all sectors: from the office to means of transport, to the kitchen and the bathroom. However, how does one plastic product differs from another? How come some can be recycled and others can't? Why do some municipalities offer the possibility to recycle a specific type of plastic and not others? These are some examples of the questions that experts and attendees will try to answer. This first encounter, featuring Mauro Togni, head of the Office of Waste and Polluted Sites within the Section for the Protection of Air, Water and Soil, will be held on Sunday, 27 September at 3:15 pm. Also present will be Angelica Jäggli, vice-president ACSI, who will highlight the possibilities for the consumer to buy less plastic or plastic-packed products.


Food waste

Every year, in Switzerland, an average of 90 kilos of food per capita is thrown away. It is absurd to think that the food we buy from supermarket shelves after being produced (from raw materials collected and processed), packed, transported, sold and purchased by us, is discarded. A long and expensive process with a considerable environmental impact. How to optimise our budget and reduce our waste? The topic will be discussed with Michael Gibbert, professor at Università della Svizzera italiana, where - within a platform called World Challenge Programme - he constantly works with students on issues related to sustainability and food waste in particular. The conference will also feature Evelyne Battaglia-Richi, ACSI president and it will be held on Sunday, 11 October at 3:15 pm.


Electric mobility

Do electric cars (and bicycles) actually provide the solution to the problem of pollution related to domestic vehicles? With the help of Giovanni Bernasconi, Head of the Section for the Protection of Air, Water and Soil of Canton Ticino, and Laura Regazzoni Meli, ACSI Secretary-General, we will try to answer questions such as: can the electric car be considered ecological? Will we have enough electricity to allow everyone to travel in an electric vehicle? What is the impact of the disposal of batteries? The event will be held on Sunday, 8 November at 3:15 pm.


Sustainability is a theme that USI has been working on for some years now on different fronts and from different perspectives, ranging from academic projects to initiatives such as SostA to a platform dedicated to public services. With its Planning 2021-2024, the University intends to increase its efforts in the field of sustainability according to three approaches: to act and promote; to train and research; to set an example. The " Tè of Sustainability" is an initiative that fully responds to this spirit and USI is pleased to collaborate on this issue, thanks to the commitment of L'ideatorio, with ACSI, an actor of the known and appreciated territory.


Admission to the "Tè della sostenibilità" is free and included in the admission ticket to the exhibition site. Entrance is subject to availability of seats. No reservation is required.

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