Sustainability and Tourism, a quick talk with the director of the USI Master in International Tourism, Professor Rico Maggi


Master in International Tourism

18 January 2021

Professor Rico Maggi, director of the USI Master in International Tourism, was invited to discuss the relationship between tourism and social and environmental sustainability, as part of the virtual meetings organised by the Consulate of Switzerland in Milan, at Palazzo Trevisan degli Ulivi in Venice.

What is sustainability? How is it linked to tourism? What does sustainable tourism mean?

During this online talk, Prof.Maggi tackles the relationship between sustainability and tourism, two concepts that sometimes seem to be incredibly distant, while other times they go perfectly hand in hand. Sustainable tourism touches not only the behaviour of tourists, but also that of service providers and destinations, which are nowadays developing numerous projects focused on slow travel, plastic-free beaches, meaningful interactions between tourists and residents, and much more. 

Are you curious to discover more about this topic? Watch the entire video here: