Speakers' Corner: Blockchain and Smart Contract. A future without transaction costs?

Sacha Jermini, Master in Financial Communication all'USI
Sacha Jermini, Master in Financial Communication all'USI

Institutional Communication Service

27 January 2021

Safer online shopping with a blockchain-based Smart Contract that helps avoid ambiguity and time-consuming snags in online shopping and reduces transaction costs. It is the focus of Sacha Jermini's research, a USI Master in Financial Communication student, which aims to investigate the economic relationship between buyer and seller applied to the digital world. A reality that requires security protocols and specific skills to be developed through targeted investments. 

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The Speakers' Corner project, whose first experimental edition was held on 5 October 2020 at Palazzo dei Congressi in Lugano during the Swiss Digital Days, launches a series of short video contributions in which students tell about the projects developed for the event. Speakers' Corner is a project promoted by the City of Lugano and the Lugano Living Lab, in which USI, together with other universities in Southern Switzerland, also participated: an initiative that stems from the desire to promote concrete projects to raise awareness on digital issues by enhancing skills in the area.


Sacha Jermini, USI Master in Financial Communication