Professional Mentoring at USI with Business Professional Women - Ivana Pallister


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8 March 2021

A series of testimonies from female students who participated in the first Professional Mentoring programme offered by USI in collaboration with the Business Professional Women (BPW) association. The project is part of USI's 25th anniversary, which is also an opportunity to reaffirm what we as a university hold dear. One of the strands of the anniversary is "USI is U", dedicated to underlining - among other things - our values and the goals we set, including that of consolidating our commitment to equal opportunities.

Working in close contact with a network of female professionals to compare notes and draw inspiration to achieve future career ambitions was a new experience for Ivana Pallister, a USI Master in Finance student. She participated as a Mentee in the first Professional Mentoring project.

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From the autumn semester 2020/2021, for the first time, female students attending the second year of USI's Master programmes were offered a Professional Mentoring programme, carried out in collaboration with the Career Service, the Equal Opportunities Service, the BPW (Business Professional Women) Association and in co-operation with the Directors of the Masters. Professional Mentoring's objective is to ease the entry of USI undergraduates into the world of work through targeted and individual professional counselling.
Professional Mentoring is carried out, over six months, by a selected group of professionals (Mentors) from the BPW network who voluntarily offer professional counselling to female students in their second year of Master at USI (Mentee) based on an individual match (Mentor/Mentee).
For the first academic year (2020/21), the professional Mentoring service has given priority to female students of the Masters in Finance and Informatics. Still, because of the positive feedback, students from other Master programmes could also benefit from it, for a total of 28 students.
The BPW presentation is available at this link Professional Mentoring USI/BPW.
The list of Mentees is available here.


Professional Mentoring at USI with Business Professional Women - Ivana Pallister