"BioBusiness-MIT Life Sciences Angels Award" to Bacterapeutix, InCephalo and Saverna


Institutional Communication Service

15 March 2021

The “BioBusiness-MIT Life Science Angels Award” has been awarded to the start-up projects Bacterapeutix (a project led by Prof. Giandomenica Iezzi and hosted by USI Faculty of Biomedical Sciences), InCephalo Therapeutics (a spin-off from the University of Zurich) and Saverna Therapeutics.

The start-ups, promoted by the Alumni who took part in the week dedicated to the programme BioBusiness2020 organised by CASE BioMed, will have the opportunity to pitch their projects to the MIT Alumni Life Science Angels of Boston, a group of private investors who, up until now, was only open to start-ups affiliated to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

The “BioBusiness-MIT Life Sciences Angels of Boston Award” has been presented since 2018 and offers the BioBusiness2020 programme participants direct access to an exclusive circle of business angels and experts at a leading university which is located in one of the top start-up hubs in the US and the prospect of angel investment of up to USD 1 million.

The collaboration between MIT Life Sciences Angels and CASE BioMed speaks volumes about the international recognition of the BioBusiness programme and its participants. According to the MIT Life Science Angels, “The comprehensive advanced programme on BioBusiness at Università della Svizzera italiana covers all the basics to start a business in life sciences. The programme is known for its thorough procedure for selecting the participating companies. Therefore, the quality of the program and its participants has attracted the attention of the MIT Alumni Life Science Angels".