Conversations on Digital Fashion Communication with Tomaso Trussardi: "Digital Transformation of the Fashion Sector. The case of Trussardi"

Institute of Digital Technologies for Communication

Date: 18 May 2021 / 18:00 - 19:30

Aula Magna, Campus Ovest

Fashion is undergoing a major digital transformation, which is touching all its facets, layers, and processes. The fashion industry has not been exempted from the impact of digitalization, which has transformed the field through the use of new information and communication technologies (ICTs) – which can be referred to, in short, as “digital fashion”:

  • ICTs are used to design, produce, and distribute fashion products;
  • ICTs impact marketing and sales;
  • ICTs are extensively used in communication activities with all relevant stakeholders and contribute to co-creation in the fashion world.

This conversation will focus on how the digital transformation is being managed by the Italian luxury brand Trussardi and will be held by Tomaso Trussardi, Chairman of the Trussardi Group.

Tomaso Trussardi was born in Bergamo (Italy) in 1983. He studied Economics and obtained a Master degree in Corporate Finance and Banking from Bocconi University in Milan. He started working in the Real Estate business as an assistant to Manfredi Catella at Hines studio and collaborated with the newspaper Libero founded by Vittorio Feltri. A year before the celebration of the brand’s centenary, Tomaso Trussardi joined the family business. In 2010 he became Head of Industrial and Productive Activities (COO) and in 2014 the CEO of Trussardi Group. After reorganising and modernising the company, repositioning the brand in the contemporary luxury sector, and developing its retail architecture, e-commerce and the food division, in 2019 Tomaso Trussardi has been appointed as Chairman.

Over the last few years, he participated as speaker in congresses and industry conferences, which have made him a followed public figure. He is married and is the father of two daughters. He is currently living between Milano and Bergamo.

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