Science in a minute - Public health


Institutional Communication Service

25 May 2021

What is public health and what do the terms protection, prevention and health promotion have to do with us? In this new episode of Science in a Minute, Dr. Rebecca Amati, project manager of the project Corona Immunitas Ticino, explains everything about this important concept.

The Science in a Minute project, promoted by the Swiss School of Public Health, aims to provide, through a series of short videos, some of the answers to the most frequently asked questions about scientific facts and topics related to public health in order to make them clear and accessible to everyone.

Dr Rebecca Amati, project manager of the Corona Immunitas Ticino project, guides us on this path, explaining complex concepts and processes in layman's terms. The series is constantly updated according to the evolution of the pandemic. A weekly one-minute clip tackling a different topic will be available.


Watch the video (in Italian; French and German available on the dedicated YouTube channel):

What is public health