Adopt a monument: a qualitative survey of some buildings in Airolo


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24 May 2021

Until June 30 at the Spazio Alpino in Airolo, the work of about one hundred Bachelor students of the Academy of Architecture will be on display. Under the supervision of Professor Ruggero Tropeano and the scientific collaborators Elisabetta Mainardi and Debora Burri-Marci, students have carried out a qualitative survey of some buildings in the area. The activity involved, in particular, the buildings along the main roads (Via Stazione and Via San Gottardo).

The students of the course "Tutela, riuso e pratica del restauro" (Protection, reuse and restoration practice) carried out a field survey of the state of conservation of a series of buildings in Airolo. The qualitative value of a building does not always depend on the importance of the architect who designed and built it but also on its contextual integration and degree of authenticity. Since these buildings are often not included in special inventories, the chance that their "state of health" is precarious or compromised is very high; in this sense, a field survey allows to assess the architectural, structural and urban characteristics of buildings as well as to evaluate their state of preservation in relation to the original features and the changes made over the years. The chosen buildings are located in Airolo along two important roads - so that the juxtaposition of the surveys tells the story of the development of the street fronts. In addition, the comparison between the different cases highlights the "state of health" of an entire building block, shows according to which criteria action has been taken and whether or not there are shared criteria in the field. For each building or type of building, the students divided into groups have carried out the photo-realistic survey, the geometric survey of the most relevant façades.


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