Software Institute: a bibliometric study highlights the work of two USI professors


Institutional Communication Service

6 July 2021

Professors Gabriele Bavota and Cesare Pautasso of USI Software Institute (Faculty of Informatics) are among the top-20 most active and influential researchers in the field of Software Engineering (SE) according to the study A bibliometric assessment of software engineering themes, scholars and institutions (2013-2020), published by the Journal of Systems & Software.

The article, published by the Journal of Systems & Software, aims at analysing the existing literature on SE to identify emerging themes, top scholars and institutions based on their research and impact in the field. The scientific article reports the results of a bibliometric study based on a dataset of 11,668 articles. As a yardstick, the number of articles published in selected international journals and conferences and the average number of citations was used to rank the scholars.

Gabriele Bavota, Associate Professor at USI Faculty of Informatics, ranked first in the early-stage researchers' category (83 papers published) and in the most active SE researchers in high-quality journals (37 papers published). In the ranking of the most impactful young researchers in software engineering (early-stage SE), he came in seventh (6183 citations).

Cesare Pautasso, Full professor at USI Faculty of Informatics, ranked fourth in the highest impact early-stage SE researchers (9800 citations).

Prof. Pautasso and Prof. Bavota run the Master in Software & Data Engineering (MSDE), a programme launched by the Software Institute in 2017 that aims to train the software specialists of the future.