Literary prize awarded to USI professor Antonietta Mira


Institutional Communication Service

12 July 2021

The USI professor of statistics Antonietta Mira has been awarded a prize for her book La Pandemia dei Dati. Ecco il Vaccino, published by Mondadori and written together with Armando Massarenti, editor-in-chief of Il Sole 24 Ore. The 6th edition of the award ceremony was held in Milan in the Fontana Room of the Museo del '900 on July 5.

The Amerigo Four Freedoms Literary Award honours literary works whose plot is inspired by the fundamental freedoms of civil coexistence and international peace, such as the Freedoms of Speech and Opinion, Religion and Worship, and Freedom from Want and Fear, cited by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in his State of the Union Address (known as the "Four Freedoms speech") on 6 January 1941, and included in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, a part of the United Nations Charter. Professor Antonietta Mira and Armando Massarenti's work was awarded the 2021 Freedom from Fear Prize. The book La Pandemia dei Dati. Ecco il Vaccino ('The Data Pandemic. Here is the Vaccine') deals with the amount of data that flooded the lives of citizens during the Covid-19 emergency with tables, graphs and statistical projections. How, precisely through numbers, can we find a sense of direction? Avoiding technicalities as much as possible, the book provides navigation tools for readers who want to regain the freedom to think for themselves.