RRR - Rome, Reuse and Restoration. The Summer School of the USI Academy of Architecture


Institutional Communication Service

9 July 2021

"Rome, Reuse and Restoration. A dialectical relationship?" is title given to the residential Summer School organised by the USI Academy of Architecture in collaboration with the Faculty of Architecture at the Sapienza University of Rome. The project was led by Professor Daniela Mondini at the Institute for the History and Theory of Art and Architecture (ISA), and was open to USI students (Bachelor in Architecture, Master in Architecture and Master in History and Theory of Art and Architecture) and Sapienza University students. The residential Summer School took place from July 12 to 15, 2021, in Rome.

Few cities have as much historical sedimentation in the urban context as Rome. From the study of historical and contemporary examples of transformation, reuse and conservation of ancient and post-ancient buildings and structures, we intend to reflect on the dialectical relationship between reuse and restoration. A relationship that we aim to investigate in the perspective of the long historical period and its "productivity" for the contemporary Project. Through a series of field trips with experts (in the history of architecture and architectural restoration), with whom we will identify and study a number of cases (from reuse in medieval architecture, to the restoration of medieval and Renaissance architecture, to reuse for museum purposes, to the restoration of the modern), the students, using the tools of archaeological-architectural observation, will be invited to reflect on the relationship between the pre-existing building and subsequent interventions, on strategies for reuse that can be identified in a given building, on historical stratifications, on the preservation of the materiality of the work, on issues relating to seismic improvement and the containment of energy consumption.

The Summer School awards training credits for USI students, 2.5 ARC / 3 MSTAA (training credits for Bachelor in Architecture students will be counted for the Master's programme).


See the attachment for the detailed programme of the stay in Rome and further information.