ARS Electronica Lugano Garden 2021


Institutional Communication Service

10 August 2021

A series of concerts, installations and conferences on "A new digital deal": between 8 and 12 September, the Festival for art, technology and society will be held for the first time also in Lugano and simultaneously in more than 120 other locations around the world. The lineup will feature several local and international artists who will showcase their electronic and digital creativity.

The event is organised within the framework of the International ARS Electronica Festival of Linz by Lugano Living Lab with the Dalle Molle Institute for Artificial Intelligence - IDSIA (USI-SUPSI) on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Dalle Molle Foundation and in collaboration with the Events and Congress Department of the City of Lugano and the Longlake Festival Lugano. The East Campus will be among the various venues of the City of Lugano.

The 2021 event will unite more than 120 participating cities around the theme "A new digital deal" to promote a growing awareness of the inevitability of change in relation to the digitisation and ways to address it.


The detailed programme of ARS Electronica Lugano Garden is available at the "Quicklinks" (top left side).