Traces of organised crime in Ticino between past and present


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2 September 2021

First Conference of the Ticino Observatory on Organised Crime (O-TiCO)
How deep-rooted is Italian organised crime in Switzerland? And how effective are the existing legislative tools to counter it? These two aspects will be examined in depth at the conference "Traces of Organised Crime in Ticino between Past and Present", scheduled for Thursday, 16 September 2021 (5 -7 pm) in the Aula Magna of USI West Campus Lugano.

The encounter, part of the celebrations for USI's 25th anniversary, is the first conference promoted by the Ticino Observatory on Organised Crime (O-TiCO), established last January. During the evening, after the institutional greetings of Professor Federica De Rossa (Director of the USI Law Institute) and the introduction of Professor Annamaria Astrologo (Academic Director of O-TiCO), two distinguished speakers will take the floor: a Swiss magistrate and an Italian prosecutor.

Judge Roy Garré, President of the Court of Criminal Complaints of the Federal Criminal Court, will delve into the profiles of art. 260ter of the Swiss Criminal Code, tracing its evolution from its origins to the present day.

Dr Alessandra Cerreti, the Public Prosecutor of the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of Milan, will instead address the issue of Italian Mafia associations and their ramifications on Swiss territory (in particular Ticino).

Closing the event, the final panel discussion, moderated by RSI journalist (and O-TiCO operational manager) Francesco Lepori.

The event, promoted with the support of the Bar Association of Canton Ticino (OATI), will take place in presence, with a limited number of seats in the room and in compliance with the protection provisions in force. Registration through the form available at is required to participate in the event. The link to watch the conference in streaming will also be published on the same page.

For more information:
Professor Annamaria Astrologo (076 695 60 76)
Francesco Lepori (079 331 19 24)


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