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20 September 2021

New ideas, projects or proposals for the fall semester? Learn about the opportunities offered by the Corporation to creatively contribute to enriching the students' experience on the Campuses.



The deadline to submit new ideas for the fall term is 10 October!

The Student Council will meet on 28 September, 12 October and 26 October from 5.30 pm and will discuss your proposals and own initiatives. 

The meetings are open to the public, students interested in attending as guests can register by contacting [email protected] (due to the limited number of seats, registrations will be on a first come first served basis).  


Get involved:

Learn about the other tools available to the student community to get involved in University life:

  • Run for office and elect eligible bodies of the Corporation
  • Student initiative
  • Student Referendum
  • Vote on Student Initiatives and Referendums


Keep in the loop: