Submit an idea to the Corporation

In addition to the chance to use Student Initiatives and Student Referendums, every Bachelor's and Master's student regularly enrolled at USI has the option, as a member of the Corporation, to freely submit ideas to the Student Council. The ideas submitted in this form are not binding for the Council.


How to do it

To freely submit a proposal you have to:

  • go to to the Student Corporation space on iCorsi
  • then go to the section "Freely submit an idea"
  • and fill in the "Form for freely submit an idea"

click here to go the Student Corporation space on iCorsi


Ideally, to be discussed during the semestral legislation, the form must be submitted within the "opening" and "closing" dates indicated in the Corporation calendar, approximately between September and mid-October for the autumn semester, between mid-February and mid-March for the spring semester.


Difference between an idea submitted freely and a Student Initiative

As stated, the Student Council is under no obligation to implement an idea or proposal formulated freely and not through a Student Initiative.

In the case of a Student Initiative, i.e. a formal proposal for action, the Student Council is instead obliged to implement it if the Initiative is approved by a vote.