Structure of the Corporation

The Corporation is made up of four boards: two decision-making boards and two advisory boards. The boards are complemented by two cross-sectional tools: "direct democracy" and monitoring. The administration of the Corporation is managed by its Chancellery.


Decision-making boards

These are the boards in charge of making decisions on behalf of the Corporation, especially on issues such as student representation, and the use of the budget made available to the Corporation to promote student’s life.
They are:

  • the Student General Assembly
  • the Student Council


Advisory boards

These are the boards that assist the Student Council by providing ideas and food for thought. They foster a constant dialogue between the Council and the student representatives in the Faculty Councils, the university and student associations. They have no decision-making power, but only a proactive and advisory function. They are:

  • the Extended Council
  • the Student Associations Committee

The Corporation may also create ad hoc Committees or Commissions, with an advisory role only.


Description of the Corporation’s boards

Assemblea generale studentesca / Student General Assembly

Decision-making board


It is the “sovereign” of the Corporation and exercises democratic control: it has the right to the last word in all decisions made by the Corporation. The Student General Assembly is made up of all the members of the Corporation (all the students regularly enrolled in a Bachelor or Master programme at USI). It meets only "virtually" and it expresses itself only through vote (student representatives’ elections and votes on Student Initiatives and Student Referendums).


Main functions:

We remind you that every USI Bachelor's or Master's student has the right to launch a Student Initiative or Student Referendums and thus appeal to the whole Assembly to vote on a specific issue.


Consiglio studentesco / Student Council

Decision-making board


It is the executive board – the "government" – of the Corporation. It is formed by the student body representatives in the Academic Senate.


Main functions:

  • represents the interests of the student body in the relevant USI boards;
  • decides in the first instance how to use the Corporation's budget in the promotion of university life, evaluating proposals from student associations and developing its own projects;
  • ensures transparent communication on the decisions adopted, the Student Initiatives and Student Referendums that have been launched and the open vote;
  • provides information on the functioning of the Corporation.

The decisions of the Student Council are published in the List of Decisions and can be disputed through Student Referendum. The Student Council may also be obliged to support a particular project through Student Initiative.


Current members​


  • Academy of Architecture: Enrico Peduzzi and Jacopo Gioanina
  • Faculty of Biomedical Sciences: 
  • Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society: Guido Junior Maria Pedone and Gionata Battaglioni
  • Faculty of Economics: Gioele Galli and Adele Bortoletti
  • Faculty of Informatics: Roberto Palmieri and Diell Kryeziu


Consiglio allargato / Extended Council

Advisory board


It is made up of the members of the Student Council, the representatives of the student body in the Faculty Councils (if different from the representatives in the Senate), two spokespersons of the student associations, a representative of the PhD students (elected in the Senate), a representative of the USI graduates, the Pro-Rector for Education and Students' Experience, the Chancellery of the Corporation.



Comitato delle associazioni studentesche / Student Associations Committee

Advisory board


It is made up of the members of the Student Council, the presidents of the acknowledged student associations (or one of their delegates), the Pro-Rector for Education and Students' Experience, and the Chancellery of the Corporation.


Direct democracy

"Direct democracy" is the power of the Student General Assembly to have the final say on a particular issue, regardless of previous decisions made by the Student Council. Every member of the Corporation, i.e. every student enrolled in a Bachelor or Master programme at USI, can trigger "direct democracy", i.e. the process that can lead to a vote on a specific topic by the Student General Assembly. How? By launching a Student Initiative or a Student Referendum and collecting the necessary signatures.

Click here for more information on "direct democracy".



Monitoring is the University's capacity to intervene in the decisions of the Corporation if certain fundamental principles or regulations have been violated. Every member of the Corporation, i.e. every student enrolled in a Bachelor or Master programme at USI, can appeal to the monitoring exercised by the University on the Corporation.

Click here for more information on monitoring.



The Chancellery is the administrative body of the Corporation. It supports the Student Council in ensuring the overall functioning of the Corporation, it manages the Corporation mailbox and other communication channels and acts as a contact reference for all questions.

Chancellery of the Corporation:

Maurizia Ruinelli
Giacomo Timpanaro
[email protected]