Appealing to the monitoring on the Corporation

In addition to the right to launch Student Initiatives and Student Referendums, every Bachelor's and Master's student regularly enrolled at USI has the right, as a member of the Corporation, to appeal to the monitoring exercised by the University on the Corporation, if he or she believes that the conduct of the Corporation and in particular of the Student Council (or one of its members) is causing harm or prejudice to individual students, the student body as a whole, the University or third parties.


How to

Contact the Pro-Rector for Education and Students’ Experience:
Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni, [email protected]


What happens next?

The Pro-Rector for Education and Students’ Experience opens an investigation to assess the situation and if necessary proposes to the Rectorate of the University to take action against the Corporation. If requested, the anonymity of those who have appealed to the monitoring board is guaranteed.