Sustainability Pills: What is Sustainable Development? - La Nave di Teseo


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18 October 2021

Explore the major themes of sustainability in one minute. Caritas Ticino, in collaboration with USI L'ideatorio, offers a series of short videos to explore the challenges of sustainable development. Accompanying us on this journey through knowledge is Giovanni Pellegri, Head of USI L'ideatorio and professor of sustainable development at USI Faculty of Economics.

What is sustainable development? What are the possible solutions we could adopt to reduce our environmental impact on the society of the future? These and many more are the questions that this new series will answer.

This episode focuses on the global production of food and its misdistribution. This phenomenon generates imbalances worldwide between those who overeat, those who eat too little, and those who eat too much junk food. How can the situation be addressed?

Watch the video! (in Italian)


At the moment, the project La Nave di Teseo provides a series of videos on sustainable development, which will be followed by another series that will focus on the sky, taking inspiration from the animations shown at the planetarium of L'ideatorio.


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