Getting vaccinated on campus


Institutional Communication Service

4 October 2021

USI students, researchers and employees will have the opportunity to receive the vaccine on the campuses of Lugano and Mendrisio thanks to an initiative coordinated with the Medical Association and the Federazione dei Servizi Autoambulanza.

On Monday, 11 October 2021, it will be possible to receive the first dose (Moderna) without a prior appointment. However, a valid identity document and health insurance are required (Swiss or foreign E111):

The vaccine will be available:

  • In Mendrisio at the ex-library (wooden building), Academy of Architecture, from 09:15 am to 12:30 pm
  • In Lugano, at the West Campus Aula magna foyer, from 2:15 pm to 5:30 pm

On Monday, 8 November, the same service will be proposed again for the second dose.