25 years ago... today. The first moments of USI


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21 October 2021

On 21 October 1996, with the start of the first courses, Università della Svizzera italiana is officially born. Our USI.

384 first-year students begin their journey at USI, and thus begin the journey of USI, in two locations and three Faculties: 120 at the Academy of Architecture, on the Mendrisio campus; 160 at the Faculty of Communication Sciences and 104 at the Faculty of Economics, on the Lugano campus.


The first moments at the Academy of Architecture...

"Good morning, cheer up!" says architect Mario Botta, founding father of the Academy, to a group of students about to enter the wooden pavilion that stands next to Palazzo Turconi. "You will have your fair share now for the next 10 years," he concludes, smiling.

The Academy's first newcomers are greeted by the Director, Aurelio Galfetti, and then attend their first lesson: mathematics, with Sergio Albeverio. "He is a distinguished mathematician, but you immediately realise that you can absorb, along with logic, an engaging dose of humanism", these are the first impressions of Aldo, a new student, reported by Corriere del Ticino. "Here, I feel closely looked after. I sense the direct relationship with the professors. I am not a number," observes another student, Federica.

The very first day at USI Academy continues with a visit to the spaces dedicated to the workshops and individual work.


The first moments of the Faculty of Communication Sciences

The "bell" rings at 8.30 am also in Lugano. The new students of the Faculty of Communication Sciences - the first in Switzerland - take their seats in room 322 of the Centrocivico (now the main building) and are greeted by Sergio Cigada, a member of the Faculty's organising committee.

Then it is time for the first lecture: computer science, with Luigi Dadda. "This Università della Svizzera italiana of ours is the first university to be founded in Switzerland after 150 years. Moreover, it will be at least another 200 before another one is born. So we say we do not have time to waste. To put it bluntly, let's enjoy this moment, which is truly historical," the professor began. "The first approach to the university has been positive. We hope to continue like this," Arianna and Michela point out to La Regione. "Beautiful, there is such enthusiasm! And also the professor, hilarious. Just nice," says another first-year student at the microphones of the then TSI.

The very first day at USI of the first communication students ends with the course in political institutions taught by Francesca Rigotti.


The first moments of the Faculty of Economics

Mauro Baranzini, a member of the organising committee, welcomes the Faculty of Economics first-year students in Room 253 of the Centrocivico, inviting them to live university life to the fullest.

The first course springs up next: statistics, with Elvezio Ronchetti. "The class is exciting. Moreover, from the organisational point of view, " everything is perfect" is Matteo's feedback published by La Regione. "Of the Ticino university, I appreciate the small size," points out his fellow student Douve.

The very first day at USI of the first students in economics continues with English and concludes with financial accounting.


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