Switzerland as a land of books: LIBER national fundraiser


Institutional Communication Service

29 November 2021

Preserving a diverse book landscape in Switzerland. It is the goal of LIBER, a project by the Swiss book industry, which, by supporting authors, publishers and bookstores, aims to ensure a diverse selection of books nationwide.

LIBER was launched on 28 October by the associations A*dS, ALESI, LIVRESUISSE, SBVV and SWIPS, representing more than 600 publishing houses and bookshops of different sizes and interests, as well as more than 1000 authors throughout Switzerland.

For some years now, the very existence of the Swiss book industry has been in jeopardy. The diversity of Swiss bookselling production will be called into question if the current trend continues. The project's initiators estimate that the existence of one out of every five publishing houses and its authors is threatened. The Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated this situation: almost one in three authors postponed a project. 

The national LIBER campaign calls on readers to directly support publishing houses, authors, and the bookselling market, ensuring that Switzerland remains a country with diverse books, contributing significantly to culture and society.

A book voucher is issued as a thank you to those who decide to support this project. The value of the LIBER vouchers is boosted by donations from cantons, cities and foundations and can be redeemed in more than 400 bookshops throughout Switzerland. So that the local bookshops, the readers' favourite place, are preserved in the future as well.


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