Artwork for the USI-SUPSI university campuses


Institutional Communication Service

17 January 2022

Orientamento nel cortile (Courtyard Orienteering) and Muri tattili (Tactile Walls) are the two pieces chosen for the USI-SUPSI university campuses in Lugano-Viganello and SUPSI in Mendrisio. The works, which Adriana Beretta and Davide Cascio will create, were selected by a committee of experts in the field and institution representatives under the Department of Education, Culture and Sport (DECS) initiative through the Office of Culture and University Studies (DCSU).

Orientamento nel cortile (Courtyard Orienteering), by Adriana Beretta, is an essential work, not very invasive but of great symbolic strength. It will be placed in the courtyard of the USI-SUPSI Campus in Viganello. The commission acknowledges "the strength of the artistic gesture, respectful of the architectural concept, enhanced by the inclusion on the ground of the inner square of a 65-meter long brass line, symbolising the needle of a compass that marks the orientation of the building and, by translation, of the research carried out".

Muri tattili (Tactile Walls), by Davide Cascio, features the installation of conical shapes in polished wood on the towers of the staircases at the SUPSI campus in Mendrisio, alternating so to leave space and air, to give a feeling of an unexpected discovery to those who walk through the building. 

The artists Adriana Beretta and Davide Cascio will develop their projects by summer 2022. The opening is scheduled for autumn 2022.