Man, environment and economy - Readings from "Walden. Life in the Woods" by H.D. Thoreau


Institutional Communication Service

11 January 2022

Sustainable development has become an indispensable perspective for every sector of society and must find times and ways so that this culture - political, social, economic, scientific, ethical - can become an opportunity for thought and education for all. In this framework, we propose a new series of videos centred on sustainability. The contributions have been recorded during the interdisciplinary conference "Man, environment and economy" promoted by L'ideatorio USI in collaboration with USI Institute of Economics of USI and with the support of AIL.

In this video, the actress Margherita Saltamacchia leads us through the pages of "Walden. Life in the Woods" by H.D. Thoreau. In his work, the author narrates his life in a hut, built mainly by himself, on the shores of Lake Walden. He writes about his search for an intimate relationship with nature, to find himself in a society that did not represent in his eyes the proper values to be pursued, but only mercantile profit.