MORSe (Management and Organization Research Seminars): "Logics of Appropriateness and Consequences: Basic Models and Extensions"

Institute of Management and Organisation

Start date: 31 October 2013

End date: 1 November 2013

Date: Thursday 31st of October, 12:30-14:00

Location:  251, Lugano Campus

The two logics capture a fundamental distinction between two modes of action in organizations (and beyond). They essentially characterize the difference between deliberate and habitual action. The two logics play a central role in theories of bounded rationality and have been elaborated by the Carnegie School and a considerable number of social scientific paradigms. They provide the conceptual starting point for studies that aim to understand how cognitive mechanisms (in particular, their limitations) drive action. At the same time they represent archetypes of action that play an enormous role both in the real world and in prominent models of organizations, firms, markets, institutions, states, and societies.