Fundraising campaign for students in Afghanistan: a project supported by the student corporation

Alice and Camilla
Alice and Camilla

Student Corporation

3 May 2022

The USI Student Corporation is promoting a fundraising campaign to support the right to study of Afghan students. 

The project has been conceived by a USI doctoral student and a USI alumna and collaborator, Alice Noris and Camilla Speranza, in collaboration with Michael Kunz, President of the Swiss NGO Afghanistan Hilfe, and the local Afghan organization Shuhada. 

The USI Student Corporation is supporting with an initial amount of 3000.00 CHF, representing approximately 1 CHF per student, the fundraising campaign, the student community become an active player in helping the vulnerable communities raise awareness of social and humanitarian issues.  

The initiative aims to support Afghan children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds to receive a proper education and a better future. Through a fundraiser, a series of scholarships will be funded to help cover the cost of tuition, books and materials for underprivileged children (the annual cost per student in a private school is approximately 276 USD).

Shuhada organization will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with some private schools located in different areas of Kabul city. Candidates will be identified through a fair process, where Shuhada, also with the help of elders from local communities, will perform a selection process and assessment, and enrol the chosen students in schools based on their grades, paying special attention to female students from poor families.

The promoters are providing a detailed report at the end of the campaign. 


How to donate, until the end of July 2022:


  • Payment on bank account:

Beneficiary name: Università della Svizzera italiana,  Via Buffi 13, 6900 Lugano

account n.: 587031.01Y

IBAN: CH46 0024 7247 5870 3101 Y


Payment detail: HELPAF