Uncovering pharmaceutical manufacturing


Institutional Communication Service

12 May 2022

How does the complex 'chain' that takes a drug from the laboratory to actual production work? USI's Master of Medicine students were able to find out first-hand thanks to a visit to a factory of the historic Swiss pharmaceutical company Sintetica.

The chance of a hands-on experience of what is learnt and discussed in class is a transversal feature of USI's educational approach. 

In the context of the module dedicated to the theme 'from the laboratory to clinical practice', on 6 May, first-year Master of Medicine students, accompanied by Prof. Vittorio Limongelli, visited the Mendrisio plant of Sintetica, a company that has been producing injectable anaesthetics and analgesics since 1921, with a worldwide market. 

Guided by specialists, the students had the opportunity to see with their own eyes the complex production process of pharmaceuticals for hospital and non-hospital use, being introduced to the complexities and high level of excellence required to ensure the health and safety of patients. 

"Sintetica SA is a firm of excellence. It was a unique experience, and we can only sincerely thank Sintetica for the helpfulness and great courtesy with which they welcomed our students," notes Prof. Limongelli.