Major news at ISFI!


Master in Philosophy

1 June 2022

The Institute of Philosophy (ISFI) of Lugano is growing!


For almost twenty years now, ISFI runs research in Philosophy at the Faculty of Theology of Lugano (FTL) and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (BAF). Recently, an agreement has been signed to the effect that the Master of Arts in Philosophy (MAP) will be transferred from the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society to ISFI. This transfer centralizes all the philosophy programmes in a single institute. 


This brings many advantages for both students and collaborators in Philosophy. Some of the new opportunities of growth are reflected in the new MAP study programme for the academic year 2022/23, which includes three new professors and which marks an increase of 33% in the offering of elective courses. The transfer also allows to reduce the fees of our international MAP students from 4’000.- CHF to 2’000.- per semester. Finally, it allows to develop further initiatives, which will be announced gradually over the next few months.