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Institutional Communication Service

19 September 2022

Prof. Luca M. Visconti and Prof. Katharina Lobinger, respectively former Dean and Vice Dean and Delegate for Studies since 2020, have been reappointed in their posts for the two-year period 2022-2024. They will be joined starting 1 September 2022 by Prof. Marco Maggi, who will succeed Prof. Sara Greco in the role of Vice Dean.

Prof. Maggi is an associate professor of Comparative Literature and Theory of Literature and director of the Master's Programme in Italian Language, Literature and Civilisation. He studies the intermedial relations of literature historically and theoretically, particularly regarding visual culture, literary and cultural transfer, reception of texts and reading. He is a member of the scientific committee of Arabeschi. Journal of Literature and Visual Studies, and of the collections 'Institute of Italian Studies' (USI/Olschki) and "Crossovers. New Perspectives on CompLit' (European Society of Comparative Literature/ibidem press, Germany)". He is responsible for the fund of Germanist and comparatist Lea Ritter Santini at the archives of the Natalino Sapegno Center for Historical and Literary Studies Foundation. He is a regular contributor to “L’indice dei libri del mese”.

Among other commitments, Prof. Maggi will coordinate the Faculty's cultural project "Convergence and Distance", thus taking over the baton from Prof. Sara Greco, whom the Faculty sincerely thanks for her commitment during her term. 

"I thank the Dean and the Colleagues for the trust, which is also an acknowledgement of the integration and role of the Institute of Italian Studies within the Faculty," emphasises Marco Maggi. "By assuming this charge, I wish to contribute to the process of consolidation and strategic development launched in the past two years, providing the first teaching of the humanities: the primacy of listening. The Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society is a polyphony of disciplines and research traditions, the richness of which primarily demands this quality. The cultural project itself, which I will coordinate together with the Dean's group, drawing inspiration from the excellent leadership of my colleague Sara Greco, was born primarily as an exercise in mutual listening and a space for dialogue on the research and teaching experimentation projects present in the Faculty, and then opened up to interaction with the community".