The violence we do not see


Law Institute

Date: 8 October 2022 / 08:30 - 17:00

Aula Magna - Campus Ovest

Date: 8 October 2022 / 08:30 - 17:00

Aula Magna - West Campus

An initiative proposed by the IDUSI Law Institute and the IALS Institute of Argumentation, Linguistics and Semiotics with Ciao Table, Swiss RJ Forum, Objectif Désistance and The Swiss RJ Forum.

We are surrounded in every sphere by numerous expressions of violence. Perhaps in order to defend ourselves, not to be involved or hurt by it, or simply not to feel passive accomplices, we sometimes ignore it, misunderstand it or justify it.
The aim of this day is to ask ourselves about our ability to support each other in recognising violence in all its forms, to detect it and to offer support to those around us such as family members, friends, colleagues or acquaintances who perform it or suffer it.
Often, we wish we could stop the violence, but we do not know how and whether to act. Therefore, a valuable resource potential remains untapped.
 How to help?

The event is open to the public upon registration at this link .
 It will be held in Italian.

Day’s programme


Welcoming of the participants     


Apertura della Giornata di riflessione su: La violenza che non guardiamo
Patrick Gagliardini, Prorector for Research, Università della Svizzera italiana
Annamaria Astrologo, IDUSI Law Institute, Università della Svizzera italiana
Raffaele De Rosa, State Councillor, Director DHSA
Michele Foletti, Mayor, City of Lugano     



From restorative justice to Ciao Table: a common look at the violence we do not see
Bruno Balestra, Ticino Restorative Justice Group
Piera Serra, Ciao Table Association    



The evolving concept of violence in law and culture
Roy Garré, President, Court of Criminal Complaints, Federal Criminal Court     



Coffee break      


Violence: a social neuroscience perspective
Rosalba Morese, Università della Svizzera italiana



Words that wound, words that heal: Dialogue and conflict transformation
Sara Greco, Università della Svizzera italiana



Violence: the restorative justice perspective
Bruno Balestra, Ticino Restorative Justice Group



Lunch break  


Reflections begin again
Luisella Demartini-Foglia

Professional and non-professional interventions to combat violence: how to create synergies?
Piera Serra, Ticino Association of Psychologists



• School Environment
Ramona Sinigaglia, Advisory Centre for minors in critical situations, DECS
Roberta Wullschleger, Pro Juventute
Coordinator: Bruno Balestra 
• The Family Environment
Cristiana Finzi, Victim Support Delegate, DHSA
Miriam Caranzano, senior consultant, ASPI Foundation
Giorgio Carrara, Cantonal Police, domestic violence 
Coordinator: Luisella Demartini and Marlene Masino 
• Healthcare Sector
Stevens Crameri, director of the Alto Vedeggio retirement home
Mattia Lepori, Medical directorate, EOC 
Coordinators: Danilla Frei and Manuela Baruscotti
• The working environment
Rachele Santoro, Stop Harassment Group​​​​​​​
Giorgio Fonio, union official
Coordinator: Rosalba Morese 
• The social media environment​​​​​​​
Paolo Attivissimo, journalist and computer scientist, “Il Disinformatico” web programme​​​​​​​
Angela Pasqualotto, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences, University of Geneva 

Coordinator: Chiara Jermini





Round Table: Let's Look at Violence and Help
With the coordinators of the themed workshops 

Moderator: Ivo Silvestro, Università della Svizzera italiana    



Conference conclusion      


More information can be found in the attached programme.