Through USI Visits Industry, USI promotes communication with the corporate world


Institutional Communication Service

10 October 2022

An event dedicated to USI professors was held on Tuesday, 4 October, in collaboration with Medacta International. USI Visits Industry encourages and fosters relationships between the university and the corporate world.

USI Transfer, USI's strategic unit in innovation, technology, and knowledge transfer, promotes USI Visits Industry. The event, designed to stimulate direct dialogue and introduce new points of discussion with companies, offers USI professors the opportunity to take a closer look and step into corporate reality.

The first visit took place on Tuesday, 4 October, thanks to the collaboration of Medacta International, a dynamic and innovative company and a leader in the orthopaedic industry.

Medacta International welcomed USI at its headquarters in Rancate, presenting its organisation, working method and technologies and opening the doors of the R&D and production departments. The company also made its team of experts available to the professors to answer questions and delve into specific business aspects.

"I would like to thank USI for visiting our premises, allowing us to deepen mutual understanding and identify areas of potential future collaboration," comments CEO Francesco Siccardi, who accompanied the professors on the visit. "Establishing new relationships and stimulating discussion with companies is strategically important to generate innovation. The visit resulted in an exchange of ideas that are the basis for developing new projects. I thank Medacta for the opportunity and hospitality received," comments Prof. Luca Maria Gambardella, Pro-Rector for Innovation and Corporate Relations at USI.


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