28 USI researchers in the top 2% of most cited authors


Institutional Communication Service

5 December 2022

Professor John Ioannidis of Stanford University created a standardised index of the most influential researchers and published the results in the journal PLOS Biology.

Several parameters, including the total number of citations and h-index, were taken into account for this calculation, leading to the measure of an aggregate index and selecting the 100 thousand scientists with the highest aggregate score and those in the best 2% in 174 subdisciplines.

The academic community of Università della Svizzera italiana appears 28 times in this list, mainly in the research areas of informatics, artificial intelligence and biomedicine. This achievement shows the vital work carried out by USI and its affiliated institutions in scientific research.

Although USI has achieved significant results in this list, especially in relation to its age and size, such results should be viewed with caution. Measuring research impact according to standardised citation metrics across scientific disciplines has attracted much interest in the academic community. Yet, disciplinary peculiarities within the various subdisciplines make the results of these comparisons biased.