The story of a journey of 14 months on the road, hitchhiking all the way from Greece to India

Hitchhiking in Turkey
Hitchhiking in Turkey

Master in International Tourism

17 November 2022

Gisela Etter comes from Ticino and is an Alumna of the Bachelor in Science of Communication and the Master in International Tourism at USI. In August 2021, she decided to pursue her dream of traveling the world unconventionally to truly experience local cultures.

Gisela will share her journey hitchhiking and backpacking for 14 months from Greece to India, trusting strangers day by day and experiencing unique adventures, during an event organised by the Master in International Tourism at USI. 

When? Monday, 28th of November 2022, from 17:00 to 18:00, in Room A11, USI Campust West. We invite you all to come and listen to her amazing story!

The event will be in English. For further information: [email protected]