TIME-X Parallel-in-Time Application Hackathon

Euler Institute

Start date: 8 February 2023 / 13:30

End date: 9 February 2023 / 14:00

USI East Campus, Room C1.04

TIME-X will organize an application hackathon at USI Lugano from February 8 to 9, lunch to lunch. The goal of this meeting is to get prototype problems from the TIME-X application domains (medicine, electromagnetics, drug design, weather and climate) and beyond into parallel-in-time codes. Attendance is free, but registration is required. This meeting is open to everyone (not only TIME-X members), but participants are expected either to have a parallel-in-time code (parallel or not) ready for including prototype problems or to present an application domain with a simple prototype problem for others to play with.

We are now accepting applications to attend this (in-person only) meeting: https://forms.gle/v447uJpTcpudQRAHA

The deadline for filling in the application is January 13, 2023 AoE (the sooner the better, seats are limited). You will receive am individual confirmation email, once your application is approved.