Free of charge student conversation workshops in French, German and English: registration for the Spring Semester open


Student Corporation

19 January 2023

The labs are entirely led by a mother-tongue or advanced C2 student moderator selected by the coordinators of the Student Corporation and the Modern Languages Laboratory at USI. During the meetings, you’ll be able to discuss topics and issues of general interest. An opportunity to exchange views and discuss different topics, meet with peers and improve practical language skills.

Each 60-minute workshop will take place twice a month during the spring semester, from March to May, for a total of 6 hours, on the Lugano Campus

Each workshop will consist of small groups. It is therefore important to register only if seriously interested.

Spring Semester 2023:

English language conversation workshop, level B2, with Ricky Navghan Odedra
7-8 PM
Tuesday 14 March
Tuesday 28 March
Tuesday 4 April
Tuesday 18 April
Tuesday 9 May
Tuesday 23 May

English language conversation workshop, level B2, with Chika Nwogu-Agbakuru
6.30-7.30 PM
Thursday 9 March
Thursday 23 March
Wednesday 5 April
Tuesday 25 April
Thursday 11 May
Thursday 25 May

Atelier de conversation en langue française, niveau B1, avec Jamila Oubenali
7-8 PM
Tuesday 7 March
Tuesday 21 March
Tuesday 4 April
Tuesday 2 May
Tuesday 16 May
Tuesday 30 May

Deutschsprachiger Konversationsworkshop, Stufe B1, mit Sven Lifka
7-8 PM
Monday 13 March
Monday 27 March
Monday 17 April
Monday 1 May
Monday 15 May
Monday 29 May

Deutschsprachiger Konversationsworkshop, Stufe B2, mit Stefan Morais
7-8 PM
Monday 20 March
Monday 27 March
Monday 3 April
Monday 24 April
Tuesday 2 May
Monday 8 May

Registration online Iscrizioni Laboratori Linguistici 2023 by March 5.