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27 November 2022

Activities of an intellectual nature, such as chess and other strategy games, have always been considered a testing ground for developing and testing the ability to "think" of machines. Twenty-five years ago, in 1997, a computer won an entire match against a world chess champion for the first time. But was it really AI (Artificial Intelligence)? And how have things evolved since then? 

In the column dedicated to technology in collaboration with La Regione, this month we hosted Luca Maria Gambardella, professor of artificial intelligence at USI Faculty of Informatics, who guided us through AI's main evolutions and challenges.

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The column

Nowadays, technology and information technology play a fundamental role in everyone's life. Their constant presence offers opportunities and challenges that are not always easy. To help us gain a better understanding of the often complex issues, the daily newspaper La Regione offers a monthly column in which USI faculty and researchers provide perspectives and insights into the varied dimensions that characterise the digital age.


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