Interviews with Rector Luisa Lambertini 


Institutional Communication Service

6 March 2023

Over the past few weeks, Luisa Lambertini, the appointed Rector of Università della Svizzera italiana, has given several interviews to the national media in which she introduced herself and explained the path she intends to steer the university in the course of her rectorate. 

"USI is a young, dynamic university with a lot of potential" with this statement, Luisa Lambertini kicked off her interview with Il Quotidiano on RSI. "The idea is to be able to land at a university that is still growing and give a tangible contribution," said the professor, a world-renowned expert in international finance, macroeconomics and political economy. 

"I am here to learn. I visit, I listen, I look around." She continued in the pages of La Regione, stating that she was "happy to work with all the institutional bodies of USI while respecting the areas of expertise of each one".  

"I think mine is a challenge. USI reminds me a lot of EPFL 15 years ago when I arrived full of ideas and a desire to move in new directions," we read in Corriere del Ticino. "I believe I can help the university grow and take a leap. [...] USI has achieved goals and developed much in its 26 years of activity. Now we need to consolidate all this work and be increasingly present nationally and internationally, which is never a given,' she also commented on the pages of Les Temps. 

At the end of the radio interview on RSI's Sei di Sera broadcast, the Rector remarked on the imprint she intends to leave during her rectorate: 'I expect myself to make a difference. Take a young university that has grown a lot, consolidate the last 26 years and continue to push for excellence. All this is in a setting where dialogue and diversity are among our main features'. 


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