A T-shirt with glasses cloth, the idea of a group of USI students 


Institutional Communication Service

6 June 2023

Roberto Cuzari, a USI Master's in Management student interested in the applications of Corporate Social Responsibility, created the Vivido project together with Edoardo Spigarelli, also a USI student, and Gerardo Del Dono: an organic cotton T-shirt incorporating a microfibre cloth for cleaning glasses lenses. 

As Cuzari explained in an interview published by Tio/20 minutes, the idea for Vivido came from personal experience: "throughout my life, I have worn glasses and frequently damaged the lenses by cleaning them with a T-shirt. I also had trouble keeping track of microfiber cloths. To solve this problem, I decided to combine the two and taped a microfiber cloth to my T-shirt. Eventually, I sewed the cloth onto the shirt, resulting in a simple and effective solution".

The T-shirts are crafted from sustainable materials and a unique production method that involves skilled tailors, mothers, fathers, and students. Additionally, each T-shirt comes with a digital certificate that allows the owner to trace the product's characteristics, such as the name of the specific tailor or seamstress who created it.