The students' representatives


Student Corporation

19 September 2023

On 1 September the new term for the students' representatives inside the USI Academic Senate has started. This role also allows them to become members of the governing body of the Student Corporation.

These are the new students’ representatives of the Student Corporation, who will start with their mandate with the first meeting:


Academy of Architecture: Enrico Peduzzi and Jacopo Gioanina

Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society: Guido Junior Maria Pedone and Gionata Battaglioni

Faculty of Economics: Gioele Galli and Adele Bortoletti

Faculty of Informatics: Roberto Palmieri and Diell Kryeziu


The Academic Senate is a central body of the academic structure and has the fundamental objective of strengthening the cohesion of the University.

The student's representatives elected to the Senate are by right also members of the Student Council, the "government" of the Corporation, which decides in the first instance how to use the budget available to the Corporation (see here how the Corporation works). 

 You will get to know the representatives over the next few weeks on Campuses.