Exhibition "Takashi Paolo Nagai - annuncio da Nagasaki"

Institutional Communication Service

Start date: 12 March 2024 / 08:00

End date: 18 March 2024 / 20:00

Campus Est USI-SUPSI Area aggregativa - settore A primo piano

The Faculty of Biomedical Sciences will host an exhibition dedicated to Takashi Nagai at the USI-SUPSI East Campus from 12 to 18 March 2024, a cultural initiative organised by the Student Point student association. 

Takashi Nagai was a Japanese doctor from Nagasaki, one of the first in his country to undertake research in the field of radiology, and a witness and survivor of the atomic bombing in 1945. His reflections on peace and war, while not disregarding his origins linked to the ancient Japanese Shinto tradition, were confronted with the cultural and technical innovations that came from the West in those years.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge from Monday to Friday, during the opening hours of the USI-SUPSI East Campus (08:00 - 18:00 Sector A first floor, gathering area).

Guided tours will be organised by the Student Point student association, for times and bookings please email [email protected]. Further information can be found on the attached poster.