The Mendrisio High School visits the Faculty of Informatics


Institutional Communication Service

11 April 2024

On Tuesday, 9 April, the Faculty of Informatics opened its doors to the fourth-year students of the Mendrisio High School for a workshop on Data Science. The workshop, which lasted six hours, was organised as part of the "giornata di approfondimento" of the school, in the context of the Electives in Informatics.

Three girls and nine boys from the senior year, a total of twelve students, embarked on a journey into the world of data science guided by three lecturers: Professor Ernst-Camiel Wit, Martina Boschi (PhD student) and Dr Francisco Richter (Postdoc). During the day, the students immersed themselves in the intersection of informatics and text generation, studying Markov chains and their applications in creating text and imitating various authors' styles. A journey dedicated to the science of algorithmic text creation, aiming to explore how computational techniques can be used to analyse patterns in text data, allowing word sequences to be predicted and generated coherently and stylistically similar to chosen texts.

For Prof. Ernst-Camiel Wit, co-director of the new Bachelor in Data Science, "these activities, as well as other activities carried out by the Faculty of Informatics lecturers at the various TecDays throughout Switzerland and at the Giornate Autogestite at the High Schools in the Canton of Ticino, are generating a lot of interest in the new Bachelor in Data Science course that will start in September 2024."