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25 April 2024

Three conferences on urban biodiversity will be held at the Startup Garage on the East Campus Lugano from May 13 to May 17, 2024, as part of the "BiodiverCittà" series promoted by USI and SUPSI.

The promotion of biodiversity in urban areas creates an ideal environment for the growth of flowers, plants, pollinating insects, and other animals, which ultimately benefits the well-being of city dwellers and visitors. Green spaces not only have a positive social impact, but they also filter fine dust, cool the atmosphere during summer, improve water infiltration, and offer many other advantages. However, biodiversity in the city can take many forms, such as urban gardens, bird nests, flower tubs, and many other measures. All stakeholders, including individual citizens, associations, and political authorities, can make a valuable contribution towards promoting biodiversity in the city.

USI and SUPSI present a series of three conferences called "BiodiverCittà!". The purpose is to create awareness and encourage active participation on the topic of biodiversity, even within the campus. The goal is to make the campus a place dedicated to reflecting on issues directly involving us as citizens beyond our roles as students, researchers, or collaborators.

The conferences will take place in the Startup Garage on the USI-SUPSI East Campus (1st floor) from 12 to 1 pm, except for the conference on Friday 17, which will start at 11 am and end at 12 pm.

Attend the planting
At the end of Friday's conference, around 12 noon, all participants are invited to take part in a symbolic action: the planting of a flower bed on a portion of the campus lawn (La Santa Street side). 
This will be followed by a small farewell aperitif.

The conferences are open to all interested parties.

The full programme and times are available in the attached flyer.

For organisational reasons, registration via this form is appreciated.