Master in Computational Science at the EuroHPC Summit 2024


Institutional Communication Service

13 May 2024

The EuroHPC Summit 2024, held from 18 to 21 March in Antwerp, Belgium, attracted over 700 participants from 45 countries, including a significant number of USI's Master in Computational Science students from the Faculty of Informatics. This year's challenge asked teams of three students to parallelise and optimise a critical simulation and modeling task using Luxembourg's National Supercomputer, MeluXina. They utilised a variety of high-performance computing (HPC) programming models, paradigms, and technologies to approach the task.

The proposed solutions were thoroughly evaluated by an international jury, which awarded the first place, two ex aequo second places, and a special mention for Green Computing to teams composed by USI master students. We are proud to announce that Ekkehard Steinmacher, Francesco Gnan, and Henrique Gil from the USI Master in Computational Science program, were among those recognised, earning well-deserved accolades for their impressive work. Congratulations!

1st place: EUMaster4HPC Challenge Parallelizing the Conjugate Gradient Method

- Daniele Ferrario, Politecnico di Milano

- Luca Guffanti, Politecnico di Milano

- Ekkehard Steinmacher, Università della Svizzera italiana


2nd place ex aequo: Report on the Challenges and Insights of Parallelizing the Conjugate Gradients Method

- Luca Venerando Greco, Politecnico di Milano

- Tommaso Trabacchin, Politecnico di Milano

- Francesco Gnan, Università della Svizzera italiana


2nd place ex aequo: Parallelization of the Conjugate Gradient Solver for Dense Linear Systems on the MeluXina Supercomputer

- Melanie Tonarelli, Politecnico di Milano

- Edoardo Carrà, Politecnico di Milano

- Henrique Gil, Università della Svizzera italiana

The awarded USI master students are supported by the EUMaster4HPC, a pan-European High-Performance Computing Master programme composed of European universities, research/supercomputing centers and industrial partners.