Switzerland Tourism chooses USI for its Travel Academy

The Rothorn Bahn (Andre Schild, Wikimedia Commons)
The Rothorn Bahn (Andre Schild, Wikimedia Commons)

Institutional Communication Service

10 April 2017

The eLearning platform trains operators on Switzerland as a tourist destination. Svizzera Turismo turned to USI to create it, a sign of the high level achieved in the field of digital technologies in tourism.

Svizzera Turismo has recently launched Switzerland Travel Academy, the online platform that allows to study Switzerland as an international tourist destination.  

The Travel Academy targets mostly travel agents. The online course is rich in information, videos, images, activities and trivia to get to know our country better and present it in a convincing way.

Travel agents have to face the competition of online booking systems and therefore need to specialise in exclusive areas such as visits at UNESCO heritage sites or skiing vacations or business travels.  Their expertise in such selected areas is pretty useful and adds value to their assistance. As we know, Switzerland is a small but rich and complex country in terms of landscape, language and culture. Getting to know our country better is important to present it in a convincing way and satisfy a sophisticated clientele.

The design and implementation of the new Academy count on the collaboration between the laboratories webatelier.net, and the eLab, that deals with e-learning platforms. 

According to Prof. Lorenzo Cantoni (USI Faculty of Communication Sciences and head of the project) “it gives me great pleasure to see how Swiss university research is able to inspire innovative practices and help in the promotion of Switzerland, one of the major tourist destinations worldwide”. 


Welcome to the Switzerland Travel Academy.