Tu! A journey through diversity

Image of the exhibit
Image of the exhibit
An image of the exhibit
An image of the exhibit

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5 April 2017

“Tu!” (You!) is an exhibition that will make people play, smile, and think of how delicate humanity is. Through games, testimonies and immersive video, visitors are invited to think about the main issues related to diversity. Organised by USI Ideatorio in cooperation with Pro Infirmis Ticino and Moesano with the support of the Federal Office for equal opportunities for people with disabilities, the exhibition opened today in the presence of USI Rector Boas Erez, the director of Pro Infirmis Ticino and Moesano Danilo Forini, the head of Ideatorio Giovanni Pellegri, and of Laura Cantù, star of one of the videos shown during the exhibition.

The exhibition

The interactive exhibition “Tu!” targets a large audience: children, adults and schools, with the aim of promoting careful attention to diversity. The project portrays an innovative way to think about the objectives of the UN Convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. It allows the public to experience under a different light thoughts, attitudes, and words related to disabilities. Through a playful and interactive language, the visitor will be invited to think about important issues that touch our lives, our limits and our diversity. Who am I? Who are the others? An experience that educates us. While visiting the exhibition it will be possible to listen to testimonies of people who lived and are still coping with disabilities. Simple tales, filled with meaning that allow visitors to identify with a fragility typical of each individual. For example the story of National Councillor Christian Lohr.


A large network of entities and people cooperated to make this project possible. Aside from the executive group formed by USI L’Ideatorio, Pro Infirmis Ticono and Moesano and the School District City of Lugano, a supporting group has been founded with the aim of ensuring the quality of the project, and it comprises of well-known personalities in the field of social inclusion: Professors Michele Mainardi, Andrea Lanfranchi and Adriano Previtali, Dr. Mauro Martinoni and State Councillor Manuele Bertoli.

The executive team received also the assistance of active associations from Ticino (FTIA, atgabbes, Inclusione Handicap, UNITAS) and of SUPSI Department of Education and Learning, to ensure continuity of the project after the deadlines. The setup has been designed in cooperation with the SUPSI Department of EnvironmentConstruction and Design. The exhibition will be held also in Castelgrande, Bellinzona in 2018.