The Erasmus Mundus alumni gather at USI for their 10th General Assembly

World coffee break at EMA GA 2016
World coffee break at EMA GA 2016

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22 November 2016



On November 26 and 27, 2016, USI will host the General Assembly of the Erasmus Mundus Association (EMA). For the first time in Switzerland, around 200 participants, including two European Commission representatives, from 170 different countries will convene on the USI Lugano campus.


USI is the ideal place to organise the EMA General Assembly, for its international flair with students and faculty hailing from over 100 different countries. “We are honoured to host this important conference – said USI Rector, Boas Erez – because on one hand it underlines the openness and the European character of our university, and on the other it puts us and the Canton Ticino at the centre of the map of exchange programmes in the higher education sector. At USI, we have always encouraged such programmes and international partnerships in general, which we intend to gradually extend and strengthen, as they are very important for supporting and enhancing the quality of our academic training”.


EMA President Apiyo Okwiri said, “It is a privilege to be hosted by USI on its Lugano campus on 25-27th November 2016 as we mark this auspicious occasion of 10 years of existence of EMA. A rich programme attends us: on Saturday, we will begin with a video message from Ms Martine Reicherts, DG Director General of the European Commission Directorate General for Education and Culture and speeches from representatives of USI, EC and EMA. A special panel session will follow, to discuss 'Erasmus Mundus, EMA History and Today', whose panelists are Prof.Boas Erez (USI Rector), Adrian Veale (EC/EACEA), Hanneke Luth (EMA Former President, 2007-2009) and myself. The Forum of Inspiration session in the afternoon with selected speakers across the globe will serve as an occasion to highlight the myriad talents of Erasmus Mundus beneficiaries.”


EMA is active since 2006. It defines as one of its objectives the improvement of the quality of higher education through scholarships and academic cooperation between the EU and the rest of the world. EMA members are alumni of the inter-university Erasmus Mundus graduate and post-graduate study programmes, jointly organised by European universities in consortiums consisting of at least three universities - the so-called "Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degrees ". In addition to receiving funds from the EU for this purpose, European students are offered a “structured" mobility, a safe bridge for access to programs of study in non-EU countries, and vice versa.


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