The doctor's choice. The rectoverso series continues in Bellinzona


Università della Svizzera italiana

29 May 2017




“rectoverso”, the series of public lectures given by USI Rector Prof. Boas Erez, addressing the academic community and the general public on topics of general interest developed within the Faculties and research groups at USI, continues with a fifth event on Wednesday, June 7th, at 6pm in the auditorium of the San Giovanni hospital in Bellinzona (Ospedale Regionale Bellinzona e Valli)

After the first four events dedicated to architecture, language, informatics, and economics, the fifth of the series – “The doctor’s choice” – focuses on key issues concerning both healthcare professionals and patients. In the age of new technologies and personalised healthcare, will there still be a need for doctors? Will we only need engineers and technicians capable of operating machines that can produce automated diagnosis? The medical profession is experiencing rapid and profound changes; nevertheless, it is clear that certain choices or decisions cannot be delegated to machines.  It is precisely on this responsibility that the intimate relationship between physician and patient is based.

As metaphorically suggested by its name, "rectoverso" is about sharing the diverse perspectives of interpreting realities that USI can offer, many of which are closely related to each other, like the pages of a book narrating current events and everyday life."rectoverso", though its etymology refers to the use of papyrus for ancient manuscripts, will also engage in the digital world of social media: follow #rectoverso on our USI Twitter profile to engage in the discussion, read our Rector's arguments and post questions online.